Black Crowes return twice as hard, set to play First Ave.

Upon their debut in 1990, The Black Crowes took a lot of flack for their overtly classic rock sound. Young upstarts who dared to take their own stab at a music utterly codified and calcified by an older generation who thought they new better. Fast forward nearly two decades, and the brothers Robinson have succeeded in becoming that which they adored--a classic rock act, with all the fabled and folied life-story that goes with it. Drugs, booze, break-ups and break downs (with a high profile marriage to a Hollywood actress for good measure) Chris and Rich Robinson are the two constants in what has become a rotating cast of musicians, forever committed to the keeping American blues rock tradition alive...

     And there's no better time to have the Black Crowes back, as they have gone full circle from disciples to masters. Look no further than the fruit of their musical loins--My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon, Drive-By Truckers--to see why the Crowes arose like a phoenix with last year's Warpaint, their first album after an early Millennial hiatus (rock cliché #246 alert). They might still catch some flack. Maxim Magazine infamously reviewed Warpaint without actually hearing the album. But just because we can all claim to "know" what a Black Crowes record sounds like doesn't mean we don't want to hear their albums. After 20 million records sold--that opinion seems to be a popular one.

See the Black Crowes at First Avenue for a hefty $40 on Wednesday; with Vetiver. 18+