Birthday Suits play Animal Rights benefit tonight in the Entry

Birthday Suits play Animal Rights benefit tonight in the Entry

Birthday Suits, seen here on a luxurious snakeskin sofa, imported from the Belgian Congo.

Ever since we showed up on the planetary scene, it's been an "aw, crap" few millennia for our quadrupedal, feathered, water-borne kin. In a relatively short time, man elected himself the Rome of the food chain-- the central hub to which all inroads eventually lead. The furbearing, the flightless, the elaborately striped-- if we're not grinding them into sausage, we're training them to do our bidding and using their plumes to decorate our hats.

Well, Birthday Suits have had enough of all this murderous tomfoolery. Tonight, along with a few of their friends and under the banner of the ASPCA (which we're pretty sure stands for Animal something something something Association), Birthday Suits will be raising money to ensure that more and more of our lesser creepy crawly friends die of old age before we get a chance to exterminate them.

It's a noble cause. One of those causes that anyone who really sits and thinks about has to nod along to. What gives us the right to treat the animal kingdom like an Old Country Buffet? Our superior intellect? Our ability to construct tools and shelter? Our obvious advantages in awareness, reasoning, and judgment?

Chickenfeed. In the end, what do these things really matter? We still fall off cliffs and choke on hamhocks just like the lowliest snow weasel.

Anyways-- rock and roll has long exhibited a penchant for championing just these sorts of popular causes. The most successful? Doi--Adam Ant changing rewriting the song to "Save The Gorilla." Not only did it improve the song immeasurably, but it communicated a much more pleasant message to his many fans.

Tonight, expect Birthday Suits to dazzle with a glut of new material (according to rumors emanating from their last few local shows), and expect Mercurial Rage to sport their sunglasses on-stage and get synthy.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $8.00. With Revolver Modele and the Retainers. 7th Street Entry, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.

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