Birthday Suits, Honeydogs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and more great shows this weekend

Birthday Suits, Honeydogs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and more great shows this weekend

Depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, this week's landmark health care reform has left you in one of three moods. 1) You're excited and have a renewed faith in the political process and its power to make positive change, and you want to go out and celebrate; 2) this week has been an utter disaster and you want to pack in one more round of great shows this weekend before America's inevitable collapse under the weight of all that socialism next week, or 3) you just want to be in a room full of loud music so you don't have to listen to anyone talk about politics. In any case, we've got a weekend full of record release shows, touring bands, and DJ nights galore for you:


Feel like doing some good? Local photographer Jenn Barrett's equipment is in desperate need of some camera repair reform, and both fans and subjects of her photography are looking to help her out, with a benefit show at the Turf Club. The line-up is headlined by local heroes the Honeydogs, with opening acts the Mad Ripple, Ashleigh Still, Erik Koskinen, and Ryan Paul & the Ardent.

Across town hip-hop up-and-comer Toki Wright celebrates an EP-release and a birthday in the Entry with M.Anifest, Maxilla Blue, DJ Fundamentalist, Usual Suspects, and Illuminous 3.

The Millionth Word headline a free show at the Hexagon, the Melismatics are holding down the stage at Sauce, but if live music doesn't float your boat, put on your best Blue Velvet and hit the 331 for David Lynch Tribute Night, complete with costumes, DJ, and enough weirdness to keep you entertained. No word on pie, though.


Have you been asking yourself, "When are Birthday Suits putting a new record out?" for the last four years or so? Well, the answer is tonight, and not a minute too soon. They're celebrating with friends Chooglin', the Dynamiters, and Leisure Birds at the Turf Club. (Read an interview with Birthday Suits in this week's paper.)

Michigan art-rockers Child Bite return to twist our heads around at the Hexagon with STNNNG headlining and Zoos of Berlin and Seawhores rounding out the bill. Ask STNNNG about how they inspired a mural of a submarine in Chicago.

First Ave's Mainroom features an early show with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rebellin' and motorcyclin'. Gospel Gossip headlines Sauce.


Your ears tired yet? Thinking you might need to get your hearing checked? Or maybe you're just tone deaf? Go test your vocal cords and your ears at Staraoke at Grumpy's Downtown or, if you're sure your voice isn't up to it, hit the Triple Rock for the Vital Vinyl DJ night--no MP3 players need apply.

If you're feeling fashionable and still want to see some live music, the 501 features Vintage Voltage, an 8 p.m. show featuring Mercurial Rage, Blue Sky Black Out, and Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles.

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