Birthday Suits and Private Dancer at Turf Club tomorrow


Private Dancer, plus saxophone.

It isn't every day that special boys and girls have a very special birthday. But that's just what tomorrow at the Turf Club will be. Surely you remember all those "special" afternoons you spent at Circus Circus, mouth agape before the animatronic band sang you a birthday tune between Billy Joel covers, their robotic joints grinding under all that molded rubber.

Well, turns out not much changes when you hit double digits. Birthday Suits, Private Dancer, Leisure Birds and The Danforths will take the part of those lovable, gifted mechanical animals to give a certain someone a very, very special day.

Birthday Suits live in Chicago, filmed by thinkerthought.

For the sake of privacy, which, in this age of flu pandemics and spyware, is an all too precious commodity, we won't divulge the name of this certain someone. But if you've spent any time at the the Turf Club (and, given how many of our favorite shows pass through there on a weekly basis, you better have!), you've probably exchanged more than a few hearty handshakes with this rogue of the night. Ever a gentleman, he's been a peripheral member of our music community for as long as we can remember.

Fitting, then, that his birthday would net such outstanding local talent. Birthday Suits-- well, if you haven't heard by now, you're not interested. Two piece-post punk, blah blah blah. Loud as hell, floo floo floo. Everyone who walks into a Birthday Suits show walks out sweaty and smiling, which is as good a measure of a band as any we can think of.

The same can be said of Private Dancer. It's far from the first time these two acts have shared stage time, and the sweat-off that Gimme Noise has been calling for lo these many years has yet to occur. "Oh, venerable sirs and ma'ams," you may cry, "there is no technologically sound way to measure their respective sweat outputs." Bah! Did that stop Wilbur and Orville Wright? Did it stop Thomas Edison? Private Dancer (and we'll go on the record here) has more fun playing music than just about anyone operating in these fair towns. Their propensity to surprise their crowds with covers is only part of their charm-- this is good rock and roll, whether they play originals or tributes (if a note-for-note performance of "Sabotage" can be called a tribute).

Throw in Leisure Birds, bluesy, psychey up-an-comers risen from the ashes of Thunder in The Valley and featuring members of Daughters of the Sun, and The Danforths, one of the more constantly impressive bands this town has seen in ten years or more, and it's a birthday show for us all. Get out there. Oh, and if you see a mustachioed man seated at the Clown Lounge bar with a clutch of well-wishers vying to buy him shots, elbow in and play along. You might not know it, but you owe the man a drink.

21+. 9:00 P.M. Friday, May 1.  $5.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.