Birthday Suits and Marked Men to release 7-inch split

Trust us-- it's them. Birthday Suits, photographed by juarezma.

Birthday Suits have spent plenty of time making themselves an unavoidable presence in the local music scene. A handful of tours, a scattering of releases, and an outpouring of local shows, each more devastatingly energetic than the last, has done more than enough to sell their over-amplified, adventurous, melodic post-punk to their insatiable public.

And now the news comes down that the lads from the land of the rising sun will be releasing a split 7 inch with the outstanding Denton, TX punk outfit the Marked Men.

It's hard to keep your radar in good working order during the ice ages that sprawl across half the calendar year here in Minnesota. But the Marked Men have a strong national force behind them, hand built with a landfill of releases spread across labels like Dirtnap and Swami.

They've breezed through here more than a few times, but you know how it is with Twin Cities folk and touring bands. Until now, you can be forgiven for being too pre-occupied with the local scene to take note of them. But the forthcoming 7-inch, titled 7 inches for your Ex, will make the perfect primer for getting giddy about the Texas four-piece's broken-tooth take on punk music, which straddles both lines of the pop divide.

On wax, the two acts will make a perfect marriage, occupying adjacent ends of the same continuum. Where Birthday Suits erode most gracefully into repeated screech chords that thrill the ear's capacity for patience, Marked Men make a beautiful mess of slightly more familiar territory. And even in their more strident passages, Marked Men always seem to play a nostalgic string every so quietly in the background, the kind that makes you recall all those fateful trips to the Foxfire, crammed three abreast in the back of your friend's Volkswagon Golf, sneaking cigarettes and listening to Husker Du.

To get a copy, head down to tomorrow's show at 7th Street Entry. As if a chance to throw scratch at a couple of great bands weren't enough incentive, the night will see a return of former Selby Tigers' drummer Dave Gatchell, all the way from Tokyo with his new band 1000's of Cats. Check Gimme Noise bright and early tomorrow for a full preview of the show.