Biker BBQs, Britpop monsters, and underground rituals in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from the video for Rebel Queens' "Hey Yeah."

A clip from the video for Rebel Queens' "Hey Yeah." YouTube

Happy harvest, farmer folks.

One of the benefits of living in an agrarian state is that, with the coming of autumn, we get a chance to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We’re three quarters of the way through 2019, and we’ve accumulated a pile of good shit. Every September, we get fat on progress.

Keep the tradition this season by spoiling yourself on the work of your neighbors. This has been another kind year, and Twin Cities musicians have filled the silos with plenty for the winter. Gather the farmhands ‘round your laptop and gorge your eyes.

Rebel Queens – “Hey Yeah”

Rebel Queens’ new song is about as far from “Hey Ya!” as it is from “Ya Hey.” Instead, It’s a fist-clenched rock-out with riffs that rumble like the muffler of a classic Dodge. The video gathers leather-clad bikers from all corners for a rendezvous in the suburbs (coincidentally the hometown of singer Tiffany Beamer), where Rebel Queens belt their cares out, far from the earshot of those who would judge them. It’s a snorting good time, and everyone is united by the direct anthem. In the end, the vagabonds all disappear back to their faraway garages, awaiting the next siren song to call them out. “Hey Yeah” is from the Queens’ new EP Wild Ride, which dropped August 30.

Another Heaven – “Running Up That Hill” (Kate Bush cover)

On September 7, Another Heaven re-released their latest album FOR EVER on vinyl. The new pressing comes with a bonus 7-inch that includes a wonderfully sludgy cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Singer Ali Jaafar joined up with animator Michelle Brost, designer James Woodard, and performers Cole Benson and Monica Coleslaw for a video that collages different media in a disorienting mishmash—a perfect complement to a song that feels surreal from the first note.

Chansa – “No Hook Pt. 2”

Chansa’s 2019 EP New Beginnings is all about starting over after the end of the rapper’s V.I.C.E. Boys crew. The frenetic young MC is hooked up with Gaines FM’s Free Minds crew now, but he hasn’t abandoned what’s gotten him this far. “No Hook Pt. 2” is the sequel to one of Chansa’s best cuts, once again showing the rapper’s ability to shift styles while keeping his lyrical game at its zenith. The video is directed by who else but Nate P., and Chansa’s frequent production partner brings the blood as the two head down into a cave for a bizarre fire ritual.

Nallo – “Anger and Figureheads”

The everyday can seem downright absurd when it’s picked apart. In the abstract new video for “Anger and Figureheads” by Nallo, we watch as a pair of curious hands dismantles a Thursday breakfast. But director Andrew Ranallo and videographer Dan Crowe’s work is so satisfying—perhaps there’s an innate instinct in every person to dismantle and destroy the ordinary. Nallo calls “Anger and Figureheads” the “vicious thesis statement” of the grunge-pop band’s self-titled new album, which releases on November 22.

Nigel T – “MK Ultra 2”

Mankato rapper Nigel T has been corrupted by Russian scientists. Again. The video for “MK Ultra 2” is a peek into the gruesome perspective of the 23-year-old artist, exhibiting a death drive that’s only quelled by hallucinogens and pills. It’s like a haunted house inhabited by half-dressed junkie ghosts. It’s the kind of mind that even the Soviets’ greatest researchers would balk at. “MK Ultra 2” is off T’s new record G.W.A.P.

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