Big Lake releases new single "Eight Weeks"

Local indie-rock quintet Big Lake have captured the hearts of Twin Cities music fans in rather small doses, releasing one all-too-brief EP after another, in addition to their captivating, but all-too-infrequent, live shows. But while fans of the band wait patiently for a full-length album from Big Lake, the group has released a brand new single called "Eight Weeks," a highly-evocative song which should keep everyone satiated until their debut record eventually comes out.

The relaxed, acoustic guitar driven track contains easily discernible elements of both Fleet Foxes and early Shins within its ghostly harmonies and leisurely melodies. In fact, "Eight Weeks" sounds more like the Shins than anything found on James Mercer and company's insufferable new record, Port Of Morrow. On top of all that, the Current's Local Show prominently featured "Eight Weeks" on their broadcast last night, which should garner Big Lake plenty of extra attention and a growing local fan base as a result of the added exposure of their catchy new number.

The next chance to see Big Lake live is on April 1 at Cause, on a great triple-bill which includes Lovedrug and the Farewell Circuit. But if the Current and their growing legion of listeners latches onto "Eight Weeks" in a major way like they have with a bunch of other similar sounding acts, the boys better clear their calendar quick, because there will a growing local demand to see them perform more frequently.

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