Big Business tonight at the Triple Rock


Big Business indeed.

For most of their life cycle, Big Business went about their work of splitting skulls without the aid of the hesher's most valuable tool-- guitar. And what did that recipe taste like? Deliciously bitter-- like a mouthful of iron and Lorazepam.

Since their critically acclaimed masterpiece Here Come the Waterworks, guitar and synth have wormed their way into the set-up, and they have officially become a three piece after officially adding Toshi Kasai following their 2007 tour in support of Tool. But bass and drum still rule the roost here, and their sound is as sonically oppressive as any sludge act going.

Big Business live, courtesy of liveeyetv.

Heaviness is a mysterious thing, and its history has unrolled along fairly prescriptive lines-- Metallica, Slayer, Pantera. Sure. No one doubts their weight.

But Big Business presents a unique molecule on the periodic table of Heavy Metals. Operating in such a skeletal format gives them an astonishing density. In a Big Business song, there are no guitar solos, no heady melodic bridges in which the ear can seek refuge. These are songs that put the listener against an infinite brick wall under hard light, facing a hail of immolating gunfire. In short, there's virtually no chance of survival in an average Big Business song.

And though they can be classified as a sludge metal act, big Business bucks almost all the major stereotypes that confine the genre. They have a sense of humor. You won't find Mastodon's delirious dwarves and talking fire ants and crystal skulls in Big Business songs, none of The Sword's eye-rollable self seriousness. In fact, Big Business seems more hell bent on having a good time tham any of their peers. These boys are here to party.

At $14.00, thew show is a bargain. Look if you like-- but we can guarantee you won't find a louder, more exhausting Monday within miles.

18+. 9:00 P.M. With Tweak Bird. $12.00 advance/ $14.00 door. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612. 333.7399.