Big Bash 2 was a riot (literally), and they're already planning another party


It's true that Saturday night's 16+ Big Bash 2 Dance Party, which was shut down due to rowdy behavior and which supposedly caused a "mini riot" downtown, may have gotten a bit out of hand.

However, it's equally true that Big Bash 2 was probably a pretty great time before it ended; a good enough time anyway, that the promoters are planning another party September 24th at Insomnia Dance Club: The Big Bash 18+ edition (21+ to drink).

Saturday night's bash, which apparently ended after some patrons got into scuffles with security, pushed hundreds of teenagers out onto Nicollet Mall in one mass exodus. There was a small amount of property damage, there were a few fights, and there was a massive police response. To a 16, 17, or 18 year old kid out on the town on Saturday night, though, this translates to a pretty exciting time.  One party-goer, while using a City Pages reporter's cell phone to call for a ride, said "all I know, is I was dancing and then I was running." 

What's actually interesting and kind of great about Big Bash 2 isn't that it caused some fights downtown, or that some patio furniture got tossed around -- it's that the kids who organize and promote the parties are young, really young, as young as the kids attending the events.

From what one can discern out of the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube posts promoting the Big Bash parties, it's a joint effort between Brayshaun Gibson's Soe N The Clouds Promotions and Greyscale Productions. Both groups seem to be made up of a teenage crew, as evidenced by this video showing member Kam Bennett's 16th birthday party:


It's troublesome that there continues to be problems with the parties (another Big Bash was broken up in April due to alleged fighting, although the promoters argue it was the police who caused commotion), but the sheer moxie and initiative of the kids behind these parties is, well, impressive. You kind of have to hand it to them, right? These parties are huge and for the kids that attend them, they're probably amazing. One hopes that the next parties have adequate security so that downtown Minneapolis and the police department don't have to play the role of that dance-hating minister from Footloose.

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