Beyoncé plays a sexy, gyrating bride in 'Best Thing I Never Had'


Beyoncé just dropped a new video for power ballad "Best Thing I Never Had," which amazingly starts with a commercial for Beyoncé before proceeding into a music video about Beyoncé, and it was enough to scrape any remaining traces of disappointment from my brain lingering from Wednesday night's bummer of a Britney Spears show and remind us all who's really the Queen of Pop.

[jump] In this video, we learn a few things: Beyoncé makes a damn sexy bride, one that spends a great deal of prep time writhing around in her strappy lingerie getup before finally getting up the energy to put on her veil and dress; and if you ever do manage to put a ring on B, she's gonna spend your whole nuptial ceremony thinking about how happy she is she's not marrying her jerky high school boyfriend. Is this what they mean when they say that weddings are supposed to be all about the bride?

Commence grinding:

The ad leading up to the video also hints that Beyoncé's ready to "step back into the spotlight" and features images of her performing, which makes us wonder if we'll see a tour announcement soon. Given that her last show in town was pretty much one of the best shows evar, we can only hope.