Best Twin Cities songs 2012: Staff lists

Best Twin Cities songs 2012: Staff lists
Okay, so there are a few songs out of the Twin Cities that were completely inescapable in 2012. (Nudge.) But when you're talking about a music community that's blasting in clubs, basements, garages, warehouses, automobiles, record stores, Soundclouds, public radio stations, college radio stations, and earbuds, there are a hell of a lot of songs to choose from.

Like our staff lists of the top 2012 albums, here's a free-for-all on which Twin Cities tracks got a foothold and took advantage.

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Reed Fischer:
[Note: I left out songs by artists that appear on my top 10 albums list, which you can see here.]

Hot Cheetos & Takis - YN Rich Kids
Rupert Angeleyes - Uncle Mike
Wiping Out Thousands - Closer
Nice Purse - Put it On Me
Actual Wolf - Queen of Carolina
Metasota - Senior
MasterMind - Hood Dreamin

Leisure Birds - Silver Runner
Prof - Moron
Paper Tiger - Sick Trim
Trampled by Turtles - Alone
Typsy Panthre - Lorna Clark

Sleep Study - Nothing Can Destroy
Honeydogs - Turned Around
Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name - The Tribe x Big Cats! vs Bloodnstuff - D.M.T Flow/Fire Out at Sea
The Chalice - Push It
Lazerbeak - Lift Every Voice

Hardcore Crayons - Sarcasmic
Guante & Big Cats w/Chastity Brown - Lightning
International Karate - Nostalgia for Sale

Cyn Collins:

Grant Hart "So Far From Heaven"
Bloodnstuff "A Fire Out at Sea"
Enemy Planes "Reflector'
Eleganza cover of Replacements' "I.O.U."
P.O.S. "Fuck Your Stuff"

The Chalice "Push It"

Flavor Crystals "

Mirror Chop


Magic Castles "

Ballad of the Golden Bird


Tie: BNLX "


"/American North "Rain's Comin'

Tie: Sean Anonymous "


"/Dreamcrusher "

Dream Crush


Jeff Gage:

Polica - "Amongster"

Mankwe Ndosi - "

Henrietta Goes Electric


P.O.S. - "

Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks, and Bats


Zoo Animal - "

The Too Men


Now, Now - "



Dave and Laura Hoenack:

Southside Desire - "When I Was Your Queen"
Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band - "Hard Season"
Is/Is - "Lie Awake"
Night Moves - "Colored Emotions" and "Headlights"
The Evening Rig - "Unlucky Ever After"
Bloodnstuff - "It's Fun to be a Kid"
The Tribe and Big Cats - "Pills"
Pennyroyal - "Cleveland (Aeroplanes & Rockets), "NOLA (Monday/Tuesday)" and "Minot (Whynot Minot?)"


Monica LaPlante:

Usonia - "How Does it Feel" 
Honeydogs - "Aubben"
Fathom Lane - "Hope You Never" 
Poliça - "Wandering Star"
Wiping out Thousands - "Closer"

Kyle Matteson:

1. Y.N.RichKids - Hot Cheetos & Takis
2. Actual Wolf - Hollow Heel

Actual Wolf - Hollow Heel video from LaserDream on Vimeo.

3. P.O.S. - Wanted/Wasted (feat. Astronautalis)
4. Paul Westerberg - My Road Now
5. Now, Now - Thread
6. John Mark Nelson - Reminisce
7. The Honeydogs - Aubben

8. Wiping Out Thousands -

Mass Nerve

9. Prissy Clerks -

Blast Off Girls

10. Bloodnstuff -

Give Me A Call

Zach McCormick:

Is/Is - Hate Smile
A. Wolf & Her Claws - Zero to 60
Mixed Blood Majority - Fine Print
Guante & Big Cats - Other or The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege
Heiruspecs - Eye for an Eye
L'Assassins - Backseat Bomp

Prissy Clerks -

Bruise or Be Bruised

France Camp -

Bone Home

YN Rich Kids - Hot Cheetos and Takis

Audio Perm -

Spark One

Jack Spencer:

1. Metasota - Senior
2. P.O.S. - Get Down
3. Guante f/Chantz Erolin and TruthBeTold - The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege
4. I Self Devine f/Akrite - Pretty Sickness

5. Mike Mictlan f/Greg Grease -


6. I Self Devine -

I Don't Know

7. Brother Ali -

Mourning In America

8. Rich Garvey f/Freez -


9. Big Quarters -

Never Felt Better

10. The Chalice - Mama

Tony Nelson:

Chastity Brown - After You
Polica - Amongster
Now, Now - Thread
P.O.S. - How We Land
Paul Westerberg - My Road Now


Erik Thompson:

1. BNLX - "1929"
2. Now, Now - "Wolf"
3. P.O.S. - "Get Down"
4. Solid Gold - "Elephants"
5. Howler - "Told You Once"

Rob Van Alstyne:

Paul Westerberg - "My Road Now"
Laarks - "Heaven is Reconciliation"
Haley Bonar - "Bad Reputation"
Greycoats - "Prometheus, Glow!"

GREYCOATS • Prometheus, Glow! from Greycoats on Vimeo.

Heartbeats - "Ocean Green"

Youa Vang:
The Honeydogs - "Aubben"
Alison Scott - "Waltz No. 2"
Greycoats - "The Lions and the Swans"
Jeremy Messersmith - #6 (from Paper Moon)
Jake Westin (aka Peter Pisano) - Wears His Heart on His Sleeve

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