Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Zoe Prinds-Flash

Gimme Noise has selected 20 finalists in our Twin Cities music photographers 2014 showcase. Read all of the profiles here.

Zoe Prinds-Flash has already gained the trust of several local artists, and is frequently employed in a behind-the-scenes capacity. She's worked backstage with Doomtree, in the studio with Trampled By Turtles, and has done portrait work with several other acts.

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Name: Zoe Prinds-Flash
City: Minneapolis, Minnesota

How and when did you get involved with music photography?
When I was a sophomore at South High School, Dessa (of Doomtree) came into my lit class and performed some spoken word. At that time I was bringing my brand new digital SLR with me everywhere. (I had bought it as a result of several summers life-guarding.) I sent her the photos and she invited me to shoot a show. This was the entry point I was looking for in terms of shooting live concerts. What was important about that moment was that someone I looked up to took a chance on me -- I was this ridiculously tall, overly nostalgic, inexperienced photographer and somehow found myself later that year blocking concert-goers' vision in photo pits around town.

What are some highlights of your professional photography experience?
Oh man, there are a lot. In 2012 Dave Simonett invited me to photograph Trampled By Turtles' recording sessions in a beautiful cabin north of Duluth. It was a heartwarming experience-- those dudes are some of the nicest and most hospitable people.

Staying friends with the Doomtree cats has been wonderful -- not only do I have a visual archive of them for the last seven years, but they're family now. Every blowout is a fun reunion.

This is a dorky one, but everyone who knows me, knows that my favorite band is Califone. This past summer Tim [Rutili, of the group] played a living room tour and landed at a warehouse off Grand and Lake Street. After harassing them on multiple social media platforms Tim agreed to let me do a shoot with him after the show. I was a nervous wreck but he was wonderful.

I got "recognized" once this year too. Some drunk girl at one of the Doomtree blowouts was like, "Oh my god! there's that photography girl!" That was amazing.

I think just being 23 and being mentioned in this insanely talented list of photographers is enough of a highlight. That is crazy to me.

Where can people find your work (exhibits, album covers, publications, etc.)?
My non-music photographs are currently in the basement of The Nicollet coffee shop. Trampled put some photos from the recording sessions in the album art for Stars and Satellites, I was published on the front page of the New York Times' arts section in October for a project I did with Springboard for the Arts. That was a shock -- I ran to the Walgreens by my work and frantically asked if they had any more copies. The lady looked at me like I was crazy and I kind of half-yelled, "I think I'm in it?!"

I am hoping to get to work on a photo book soon and I'll be having more shows around town.

What is your favorite part of doing music photography?
My friend Crista once told me that when I'm shooting a show I do this thing, and when I do this thing, she knows i'm getting That Moment That Really Captures It. I am really excited she said this because that is my goal with a lot of the candid or live photography. I love that part of it -- the part where I become invisible.

What dos/don'ts do you have for young photographers who would like to pursue this type of work?
Be honest, and unmerciful.

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