Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Meredith Westin

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Meredith Westin
All photos by Meredith Westin

IGimme Noise has selected 20 finalists in our Twin Cities music photographers 2014 showcase. Read all of the profiles here.

Meredith Westin has been a fixture in local concert photography for the past five years. Her shots are regularly found in the Twin Cities Daily Planet's music coverage.

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Name: Meredith Westin
City: Minneapolis

How and when did you get involved with music photography?
I moved to Minneapolis just before my 18th birthday and discovered the gorgeous Varsity Theater. It was there that I saw my first 18+ show and my first 21+ show, have celebrated many a birthday and new year, and have been introduced to so many fantastic artists. At the time, I was super active on Flickr and wanted to expand my repertoire. One can only take so many photos of Minneapolis's beautiful skyline before wanting to branch out, you know?

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Meredith Westin

Concert photography seemed like the next logical step. I brought my camera to shows whenever I could and posted my photos online. This led to shooting for David DeYoung with How Was The Show in 2009, and things really took off in 2010 when I met Jay Gabler and started working with the Twin Cities Daily Planet. Meeting those lovely people opened up a wonderful new world to me and I'm so grateful to them and so many others, especially Sean McPherson, for giving me those opportunities.

What are some highlights of your professional photography experience?

I have been incredibly lucky to be able to attend and document tons of amazing concerts. Along the way, I've met some truly fantastic people and I'm fortunate now to call them some of my closest friends.

Also noteworthy? Method Man broke my toe at Soundset while he was climbing back onto the stage after crowd surfing. It was great!

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Meredith Westin

Where can people find your work?
My website.

What is your favorite part of music photography?
I truly love watching an artist do what they love. Seeing some of my favorite artists -- Dawes, Sharon Jones, Astronautalis -- take joy in performing is like a blissful transference of emotion. For me, there is nothing more gratifying than being able to document those moments of unadulterated ecstasy.

What dos/don'ts do you have for young photographers who would like to pursue this type of work?
Do: be respectful of the crowd, pay attention to all the angles, and edit. Don't: use your flash, chimp, or hold your camera above your head.

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: Meredith Westin

Anything else?
Support your local music scene. (And vote for Leslie Plesser!)

More profiles of the best Twin Cities music photographers of 2014 will be on the site soon. Stay tuned for a poll.

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