Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: David McCrindle

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: David McCrindle
All photos by David McCrindle

Gimme Noise has selected 20 finalists in our Twin Cities music photographers 2014 showcase. Read all of the profiles here.

David McCrindle is a U.K. native who has built strong relationships with a lot of area musicians based upon his photo work. His shots have appeared in publications like Q and NME abroad, and Twin Cities Daily Planet locally.   

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Name: David McCrindle
City: Minneapolis

How and when did you get involved with music photography?
As a teenager in the U.K., I started my career designing band websites. This became a full-time gig and I got to work with bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Travis, and the Fratellis. I was lucky enough to regularly go on tour and would document shows with my trusty point-and-shoot. Once Facebook started getting big, labels were less willing to put money into websites so that business went away. When I moved to Minnesota, I immediately fell in love with the music scene here and I missed working with bands. So I invested in a decent DSLR and got reacquainted with the photo pit.

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: David McCrindle

What are some highlights of your professional photography experience?
I owe a lot to Howler (some would argue they owe a lot to me). We bonded quickly and started working together early on. I shot them for U.K. publications like NME, Q and the Sun soon after they got signed. This led to me shooting other local acts for the NME like Polica, SCRNS and Prissy Clerks. I also got a two-page spread in Q.

The first time I got a photo in the NME was such an amazing feeling. I grew up on that thing. As I kid, I'd run out to get a copy every Wednesday and study every single page. So, when their photo editor complimented my work I was on top of the world.

Where can people find your work (exhibits, album covers, publications, etc.)?
Mostly on my website and I'm obsessed with Instagram. Instagram is great for documenting shows and also my cat (#ollieworld).

I also shoot for Twin Cities Daily Planet. They've been incredibly supportive over the years and I owe them a lot for giving me the opportunity to shoot some of my favorite acts.

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: David McCrindle

What is your favorite part of music photography?
I truly value the community. As this list proves, there are so many great photographers in town and at first I struggled with the amount of competition. But then when I started getting my work out there and it became recognized, my competitors became my friends. I cherish that.

Then there's the bands themselves. They're so supportive and receptive of you putting a camera in their face. One of the first local bands I shot was Red Pens. When both those guys used my photos as Facebook profile pictures, I felt like I'd made it.

Also, you do get a kick out of being a few feet away from your idols. I shot PiL and was petrified to be so close to John Lydon but it all worked out. It's pretty cool to be the closest person to the stage in the room (for three songs). You do arena shows and you could reach out and literally touch Chris Martin (add this to the "don't dos" list).

What dos/don'ts do you have for young photographers who would like to pursue this type of work?
Do it because it's your passion. Don't do it for the money. A decent body and a good fast lens is a major investment and it's tough to recoup those costs exclusively through music photography.

Start a blog and challenge yourself to post daily. I'm self taught and used my blog to gain exposure but more importantly to learn. Opening myself up to a daily critique put me on the fast-track to becoming a better photographer.

Best Twin Cities music photographers 2014 finalist: David McCrindle

Anything else?
To be clear, I didn't touch Chris Martin.

More profiles of the best Twin Cities music photographers of 2014 will be on the site soon. Stay tuned for a poll.

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