Best Of Mischke's Twin Cities: Turf Club's jukebox

Turf Club (Clown Lounge)

1601 University Avenue West, St Paul 

You might miss the jukebox on your first trip to the Clown Lounge, the subterranean nook at the Turf Club. After all, there's a lot to take in. Low-hanging strings of lights reflect colors off stacks of old Hamm's cans and Leinenkugel logos, interspersed with prime taxidermy examples of the families cervidae and felidae. But turn to your left as you enter and look under the milky eyes of a stuffed black squirrel, where the Seeberg Console lies unassuming, stocked with 45s and awaiting your choice. It declares across its front "The finest LP albums of the month," and there they are: Peggy Lee, Lady Day, Carl Perkins, and Sinatra. Don't bother digging in your pockets for a quarter; it's free. Just run your fingers over those big plastic keys and push down a letter, then a number. Ker-chunk. Ker-chunk. A little whirring, and needle settles on vinyl. Now sit down, drink your beer, and enjoy the music: "We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle all night long...."

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