Best Karaoke in the 'Burbs

class=img_thumbleft> Now you too can play at being Carrie Underwood (or Mikalah Gordon, or even just an anonymous drunk who can


hit the high C on that new Mariah Carey song.) The Breakaway in Robbinsdale is fast gaining a rep in the northwest suburbs (or as we tragically unhip denizens affectionately call the area, "Nordwest") for its impossibly vast catalogue of songs. Want to sing an obscure number by the Sweet? They've got it. That alt-rock track about lesbians that was popular for about nine minutes in 1995? They've got it. Styx's "Come Sail Away" reinterpreted by Cartman from

South Park

? That too. The songlists are fatter than the OED, and a have a lot more potential for embarassment. Plus, the rotations are manageable, the host is affable, the drinks are cheap and the bar grub is faboo.

Meek karaoke dabblers need not apply--as Pulp once said, this is hardcore. (You can sing Pulp there too!) Festivities start at eight-ish every Tuesday night at the Breakaway, 4080 West Broadway in beautiful downtown Robbinsdale.

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