Best Albums of '09: Ray Cummings' Pazz & Jop ballot

Best Albums of '09: Ray Cummings' Pazz & Jop ballot

Man, 2009 was a weird and terrible year; weird in terms of personal listening habits, and terrible financially and otherwise. I listened to and dug more noise than ever before. At the same time, I started getting heavily into R&B -- maybe the genre was my emotional security blanket? I dunno -- and actually adored one particular album so much that it topped my Pazz & Jop list. A few standouts aside, indie-rock bored and rap disappointed. Was my Top 10 representative of anything beyond what was happening in my warped and crumbling mind space or what I found gnarly over a 12-month period? No, probably not. But here it is anyway.

Ray's Pazz & Jop Ballot, 2009

1. The-Dream, Love vs. Money (Def Jam/Radio Killa) 18
2. Jason Crumer, Walk With Me (Misanthropic Agenda) 14
3. Acidic Jews, Clean Rigs (self-released) 12
4. Aaron Dilloway, Chain Shot (Hanson) 11
5. Atlas Sound, Logos (Kranky) 10
6. Halflings, Self Esteem (RRRecords) 9
7. Nancy Garcia, Be The Climb (Ecstatic Peace!) 8
8. John Wiese, Circle Snare (No Fun) 7
9. Aquarelle, Slow Circles (Rest + Noise) 6
10. Ascites, Incisional Drainage (self-released) 5

See also: Andrea's ballot.

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