Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike talking is a breath of political fresh air

An attempted first-bump between Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders.

An attempted first-bump between Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders.

Tuesday brought a two-part presidential campaign migraine. First, we had Wall St. pocket dweller/inevitable Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton selling her establishment vision at the University of Minnesota. Elsewhere, the hateful clown car that is the field of potential GOP candidates sputtered into Las Vegas for the final debate of 2015. 

The only reprieve from the agonizing thrill of the democratic process came via rapper/activist Killer Mike's YouTube account. Yesterday the MC born Michael Render posted a wide-ranging interview with Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Recorded in November at Swag Shop, Mike's Atlanta barber shop, the refreshingly honest hour-long exchange is worth your time, and might just restore some of your sanity. 

Mike and Bernie seem to actually believe the shit coming out of their mouths, whether it be about health care, socialism, racism, the war on drugs, prison reform, gun rights, the economy, or any of the other topics touched on during the six-part conversation.

Mike, 40, and Sanders, 74, even have an adorable rapport — look at 'em first-bump like buddies! They disagreed on guns — Sanders favors an assault weapons ban, Mike does not — but agreed on just about everything else, including Donald Trump. 

“I played Mexico City yesterday, and I yelled, ‘Fuck Trump!’ and basically 20,000 Mexican citizens repeated it,” Killer Mike said. “I feel like that in my heart. I’d even tell that to Jesus Christ.”

“You’ve got a lot of people in this country who are angry, and they are angry because their jobs went abroad, they don’t have any money to take care of their family," Sanders responded. "They don’t know why they are angry, why things in their lives are going badly. People are angry and they’re frustrated, so somebody like Trump comes along and what does he say? He says, ‘You’re angry and you’re frustrated? It’s that black guy over there.'”

Sanders, of course, remains a desperate long shot — polls show Clinton maintaining an 11-point lead. But the novelty of genuine dialogue at this level of politics is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly toxic arena. Watch the chat below, which sadly does not address Bernie's spectacularly awful music career.