Benefit for a rapper who broke his face

From our email (click image for larger flyer): "Hello everybody. A show this Wednesday at the Dinkytowner is a benefit for New MC. He was involved in a serious accident in which he may never be able to breathe properly again without surgery, which in turn would mean that he would not be able to rap again, something that's he been doing a better part of his life. I'm giving you heads up because this show is filled with Minneapolis hip-hop artists (Big Quarters, Ernie Rhodes, Trama, Ill Chemistry) who Zach Combs has helped throughout the years and will definitely be a show not to miss. It's just pure evidence on how big of an asset Zach Combs is and has been throughout the years.

"His story, in his own words is below and attached is the flyer. This show will probably be one of the most entertaining hip-hop shows this year, and it's for a good cause.

"Just giving you a friendly heads up.

"Zach's story:

"Yo this is kinda odd putting my personal problems on the internet but I just got a call from Unicus (of Kanser) and the Dinkytowner is putting a last minute fundraiser show on for me this Wednesday because I need to have emergency surgery on my face by next weekend, and so I can answer every body in the Hip Hop scenes questions at once I'll right what happend.

"Ya'll all know how I like to woof up stories and tell them at shows, well this one might be the most nuts thing that every happened to me. I would like every one to just laugh (with me or at me) and not feel sorry for me, the shits just life but its pretty funny I guess.

"Yesterday I was biking threw Uptown on some rap shit putting up posters headed to 5th Element to drop Kevin Beachum a CD. I stopped at the Wedge to put up some posters, then I got a phone call. Since I was on the phone I started biking real slow behind two half way homeless looking dudess. They moved to the left side of the side walk and ask me to go by them, I just shook my head at them cause I was on the phone and stayed to the right. So their on the left side and I'm on the right side. We go about 10 feet and looking down I see a bunch of dollar bills in the grass on the right side of the sidewalk. Since I was on the phone I said out loud 'Oh shit I just found a bunch a money!' I snacthed it up and put it in my pocket. The two dudes ahead of me heard me say it turned around and as I picked it up said 'Yo thats our money.' I was like 'Ya right, how it fall out your pocket and float across the side walk?' Neither of these dudes looked like a threat so I was basically like take it from me. They were babblen real fast saying they lost it like a half an hour ago and have been walking down Lyndale looking for it. I didnt believe them but I thought it is only money, these dudes look like they need it more than I do. I said 'If you can tell me how much it was I'll give it to you.'

"They said it was 60$ because they just sold 60$ worth of scrap metal to the junk yard. I pulled it out of my pocket we all looked at it and it was 80$. SO I was like fuck ya'll and just took off on my bike. They yelled 'Stop that guys he just robbed us!!.' and a couple Uptown Wedge shoppers tried to grab me off my bike like I was on some criminal shit. I was on my boy Treys GT bmx bike so I shook everybody quick and bent into the alley with Uptown people yelling at me. I dont think any hippy/hipster person in all of Uptown can accually beat me up but I was thinking this is so weird just get away from here fast. I mwas almost in the clear when this average nerdy white dude accross the street close lined me off my bike going full speed....and broke my nose and shattered my face. In the next 60 seconds the two dudes who tried to rob me, the dude who closed line me and every one else just started appologising as fast as they could, I wanted to fight everyone around me but dude to the fact I was losing blood out my face like a fossit I wasnt in the position to fight anyone.

"This whole event happened in less time than it just took ya'll to read it, like maybe 45-60 seconds tops. The police came, the ambulance came ...long story short I got to the hospital but I dont have medical insurance. My nose bleed all night and at about 8:30am this morning the doctors told me I need 4,000$ plus surgery by next weekend or I will never be able to breath right again .......That means no more rapping. Since my only income is rapping I kinda stuck in a spot. I feel weird asking for hand outs but Shiz & some of the other INTERLOCK homies have scraped up about 2,000$ in a day and are throwing a benefit show this weds oct 17th at the Dinkytowner. I think the DInkytowner has offered to throw in a free drink for anyone who pays. -NEW MC, aka Big Zach of Kanser


Chris Cloud"

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