Bellamy Brothers (sans Shannen Doherty) to play the Medina tonight


How many degrees of Kevin Bacon separate an institutionalized Bellamy Brothers and a highly emotive Shannen Doherty?

Two Bacons! That is, the Bacon Brothers. Or rather, one degree. Or...perhaps no degrees? This game always confused me. Figure it out for yourself.


Florida brothers David and Howard Bellamy, famous for their string of hits in the 70s and 80s including "Let Your Love Flow" and "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me," called upon another set of (not really) famous brothers and everyone's least favorite 90210 alum for help on their 2009 single "Guilty of the Crime." They'll likely be playing these and more during their stop tonight at the Medina Entertainment Center (with openers The MLC Band with Christina Rayne, 7:30, $19-27).

And with any luck, they might also shock some of the oldsters with their banned-from-radio take on sexual mores and the way jalapeƱos burn your ass when you poop.