Before there was Owl City, there was Sky Sailing

"Yeah, it's fairly unbelievable, not to mention breathtaking, dreamlike, surprising, mind-blowing, bizarre and phantasmagorical too. The past six months have been nothing but a colorful, brilliant blur," Young told MTV News via e-mail (he doesn't do on-camera interviews). "I'm so thankful for being allowed to do what I do. I'm a silly shy boy from the middle of nowhere. I have the worst sense of direction imaginable. I was afraid to eat lunch with the other kids in high school. I can't even drive in big cities. I'm a totally nobody. I spill coffee all over myself. I am so undeserving."

This remarkable geyser of image positioning was collected last October, about six months after the god-fearing Adam Young rocketed up the charts as Owl City, breaking the top ten on Billboard's charts, and eventually hitting #1 on the Hot 100. Now, six months later, he and his handlers have deigned us ready for an older project of his (like, a year older) called Starsailor Sky Sailing.

The sound is like if Owl City only had access to GarageBand -- that same Ben Gibbard cadence, the saccharine direct-to-consumer melodies, those goddamn lyrics. Sky Sailing is Owl City without the (as obvious) auto tune and pedals and gear and busyness that was so sympathetically distracting. Recommended if you're about to go on the first date of the rest of your life.

The people that love Owl City will feel the same for Sky Sailing, I am sure. The midly Christian youth from good families who make their friends Kool-Aid, whose kitchens are fully stocked with Nutty Buddy Bars and Easy Mac, who are only allowed to play Nintendo games. Families who have "dens" and the vibe to accompany them. They'll just never get it, huh?

Well, neither will I.

You can hear two songs from Sky Sailing on his Myspace.

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