Beethoven's 6th Symphony tonight at Orchestra Hall


Our readers know well and good that we're partial to the Turf Club and the T-Rock. To shows where they hand out earplugs, not programmes, at the door.

But by God, where would we be without Ludwig what's-his-name and all that, you know, stuff he did?

It's probably easy for the twenty-somethings to forget that not too far from the 7th Street Entry lies a venue of infinitely greater history and class, and two hours inside its doors are probably worth more in cultural currency than a year of weekends at the Triple Rock. Tonight, one of Ludwig Van's most well known compositions will be delivered in peerless Technicolor by the peerless Minnesota Orchestra.

Beethoven's 6th Symphony is better known as his pastoral symphony--it's a work of program music (one of Beethoven's only), and it's intensely mercurial. By turns brooding and ethereal, it evokes a relationship to nature that is full of awe in the biblical, often fearsome sense.

It's one of Beethoven's most celebrated, and celebratory works, and the chance to see it in the acoustically lavish, cubist surroundings of Orchestra Hall shouldn't be missed.

The best part? For those black denim set who just can't bear the thought of spending the New Friday at Grumpy's Staraoke, consider this: it starts at 7:30, leaving you plenty of time to call Best Cab and hit the spots. Consider yourself robbed of all excuse.

All ages.7:30 P.M. $20-45. Orchestra Hall, 1111 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis.