Bee + beer = win

As many people probably realize, having a beer and playing a video game can be a good time, but what about beer with old-fashioned games?

I'm talking about games that can be played without electricity, $50, or special controllers. No, I am not suggesting a game of drunken horseshoe or croquet, which seems like a recipe for a head injury. I’m talking about a boozy spelling bee. This Saturday, the northeast’s 331 Club will hold a spelling bee for adults, hosted by Heiruspecs member (and self-professed hula-hoop extraordinaire) D.J. Jarred. The spelling starts at 7 p.m., and is $8 to sign up, which is a deal because you get a drink for each round. However, you must advance to the next round in order to obtain that next drink. It might be a good idea to bust out that old Speak ‘n Spell and a six pack tonight. Training can only help, right?

Pre-register by email [email protected] or visit