Bed Intruder sung a capella: Hide your ears, hide your eyes

I suppose we have Glee to thank for this. With our country's next generation of over-enthusiastic choir kids flying into overdrive, the internet has become inundated with videos of young men and women performing their best a capella renditions of everything from Nintendo theme songs to Gaga hits.

The latest sensation that's sweeping the nation? The "Bed Intruder" song (yep, "Hide your kids, hide your wife," made famous by Antoine Dodson) performed by college a capella groups around the country.

Here's our favorite videos.

[jump] NYU's N'Harmonics

Tulane University's THEM

Stony Brook's High C's

NYC's One Guy Upstate

Vermont's Mixed Emotions

SUNY's Geneseo (wait for it, 7:40 or so)

Two giggling girls living abroad in Hong Kong

And if you still can't get enough, here's a mashup of 15 different "Bed Intruder" covers floating around on YouTube: