Beck at Roy Wilkins Set List

Here's the set list for tonight's Beck show at Roy Wilkins. I'm missing a couple of the songs (the sound from where I was sitting in the balcony made it hard to make out some of the lyrics). He played 22 songs during his regular set and came back for a four-song encore. Leave a note in the comments if you can help fill in the blanks. Here's my full review.

Beck at Roy Wilkins September 30, 2008

Loser Nausea Summer Girl Timebomb Minus Soul of a Man Chemtrails Mixed Bizness Nicotine and Gravy Que Onda Guero Hell Yes Clap Hands Black Tambourine Devil's Haircut Orphans Think I'm in Love Walls Missing The Golden Age Lost Cause Where It's At ??

Encore: Gamma Ray Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat Profanity Prayers E Pro

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