Because we don't get enough cold in Minneapolis

Chambers Hotel Ice Bar Grand Opening
7-9 p.m. November 27, 2008
8th & Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis

If you like your martinis with a side of babushka and mini-skirt, you might be interested in tonight's opening of the Ice bar at the Chambers Hotel. Frigid, clean, and embracing minimalist design, the inside of Chambers is surprisingly similar to it's cool outdoor counterpart. Greygoose Vodka is sponsoring the event and to celebrate the opening, there will be free Greygoose martinis from 7-9 p.m

 Minneapolis house legend, Jack Trash, and other local DJs from the Sound in Motion crew will be providing dance music for the evening. Expect it to be packed and come in style (does this mean with Gucci mittens?). The Ice Bar is one of those novelty places you go to once a year and tonight is probably it. After, you'll probably find a shivering wasteland of frozen chi-chi girls and rigid, robot-like business men. Take advantage of the free booze and warmth of others while you can and celebrate the good things about winter while you still enjoy it. -- Justin Flower