Beautifully odd art and music parade taking place August 6

It's a parade, it's a show, it's a...! On Friday, August 6 there is what can only be called one of the most exciting revelries we'll be privileged to see this summer. From what we can gather it is being curated and organized by Gay Beast's Danimal and is a hybrid parade, concert, gypsy festival and punk bacchanal rolled up into one rippling, fire breathing, stomping mass of lovely.

Starting at Riverside Park (map), the parade will tromp through the West Bank to Currie Park (map), after which everyone will scramble over to the 1419 Space for the music, marching band, art, and probably a few costumes worthy of Carnival on the moon.

And what a lineup: the Bay Area's No Babies play music fully in spirit with Gay Beast's, a thrashy hornpocalypse that softens (the wrong word completely) any possibly present ninety-degree angles. Texas' Orange Coax swim in similar waters; sax dissonance, hiccupy shrieks and octopine drums thrown into a bag of half-wet sea urchins. Locals Brute Heart will be bringing their beautiful and spare meanders too, in addition to the relatively new Mother Of Fire, a group of supine stargazers and goth-pop trippers. And Gay Beast, of course.

Billed as "THE CRAZIEST SHOW EVER," we wouldn't dare try to say it better. Says Danimal: "There will be stilt walkers. Glow stick capes. Balloon wall mats and sculptures." Jesus.

MARCHING BAND + CRAZIEST SHOW EVER kicks off at 9 p.m. next Friday, August 6 in Riverside Park. Music starts at 11 p.m. at 1419 Washington Ave. S. More info here.

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