Beatrix Jar and Military Special tonight at the Turf Club

Beatrix Jar and Military Special tonight at the Turf Club

Beatrix Jar-- even their instruments are endearing. 

In the digital age, where herds of 0's and 1's have descended upon the analog wastes like packs of scavenging raptors, there exist a precious cadre of musical acts that have been able to wring from those inflexible digits sounds that are exquisitely human. Tonight's Turf Club show, featuring Beatrix Jar and Military Special, makes an excellent showcase of acts that have charted their own detour around the monolithic digital divide, that gulf of wires and pixels that separates the circuit from the soul.

Few local acts beam with more sincere enthusiasm than Beatrix Jar, the adoringly marital two-piece that mixes bent Speak & Spells with thundering break beats into a mobile dance unit of uncommon sonic make-up. For the uninitiated, circuit bending is the practice of deliberately short circuiting electronic gadgets for the purposes of unearthing notes, frequencies and modulations previously unheard. While the technique is often used by noise and grindcore bands to torment the ear, Beatrix Jar uses it to prudently season the immediate pleasures of their music. It's a fine instrument, one that Bianca Pettis (Beatrix) and Jacob Roske (Jar) wield it with peerless expertise. Don't worry if you forgot to bring your smiles-- odds are, Beatrix Jar brought plenty of their own for everyone.

Also appearing is Military Special, who have been sweeping up plenty of kind words, thanks a signature sound that finds Joey Ramone and David Bowie staying up far past dawn to finish Kid Icarus, switching off every level. They are energetic and determined, and their music is benevolence in a gleaming minor chord which never fails to menace a crowd into a dance pit.

Thursday December 18. Turf Club. 21+. 9:00 P.M. With Ultra Chorus and DJ Real Talk Radio.

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