Beatles photos see the light of day after decades

Beatles photos see the light of day after decades

What is with people holding on to Beatles ephemera for decades? If interest hasn't waned by now it never will - there's no good reason for it to considering that they're The Fucking Beatles - and so we can safely assume that the entire world is probably interested and you should just put that shit up for auction already jeez.

And 'lo: Rolling Stone came out today with a set of ten photos that were in a guy named Steve Gunther's posession for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. Seriously, bro? Gunther recently, finally, picked himself up by his bootstraps, cinched his shoelace belt around his ill-fitting slacks, tucked in that a-shirt and went through the arduous task of DEVELOPING A ROLL OF FILM THAT COULD POSSIBLY CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER OR AT LEAST MAKE US HAPPY FOR ONCE IN OUR GODDAMN LIVES. Jeez, guy. Thanks, I guess!

You can view the images at

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