Beatles music might arrive on streaming services by Xmas Eve

Similar to how they arrived in the U.S. in '64, the Beatles might arrive on streaming services.

Similar to how they arrived in the U.S. in '64, the Beatles might arrive on streaming services.

Ho! Ho! ... "Hey Jude" coming to Spotify by Christmas Eve? The Beatles — along with Garth Brooks, Tool, and Bob Seger — are among the last digital music streaming holdouts. But that distinction may come to an end December 24, if we're to believe "Billboard sources with knowledge of the negotiations."

There is a "strong indication" fans will be able to stream studio albums from the Beatles on services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal come Thursday, Billboard reports. While it's unknown which exact companies have secured the deal, it's believed most streaming services will soon be stocked with music from the biggest rock 'n' roll act in history. 

Since breaking up in 1970, the Beatles have begrudgingly accepted the evolving ways people consume music. iTunes existed for six years before the band's discography became available; remasters of the initial 1987 versions of Beatles CDs did not hit shelves until 2009, the same year The Beatles: Rock Band saw the band discover the world of video game licensing. John and George are immune from blame. 

With young folks — those mysterious wizards of internet culture — asking, "Wait who is Paul McCartney #random," the windfall of streamable Beatles tunes might be non-news for some. Further context: In 2015, Yeezy collaborated with Sir Paul on three tracks ("FourFiveSeconds," "Only You," "All Day"), baffling some tech-savvy youths. Drake, Ed Sheeran, the Weeknd, Maroon 5, and Kanye were the most-streamed artists on Spotify this year.

Listen to those loveable lads from Liverpool spread Christmas cheer with 1967's "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)," posted below. It gets weird at the end. 

Also: How about a Minnesota connection? You love Minnesota connections. Jean Stephen Galleries recently put on display rare photos of the Beatles' 1965 visit to Metropolitan Stadium — the band's only Minnesota gig ever. The photos from The Beatles in Minnesota: A Photographic History from the Bob Bonis Archives, which you can view here or at the Minneapolis gallery, were taken by Beatles tour manager Bob Bonis, the only photographer allowed that night at the Old Met.