Beastie Boys single 'Make Some Noise' leaks on the interweb

They're baaaaack...

They're baaaaack...

Longtime curators of cool Beastie Boys are back in the headlines after at least a year now of back-and-forth concerning Hot Sauce Committee, the second volume coming before the first and rather unintentionally. Also unintentional is the release of the first single, "Make Some Noise."

Says Mike D.,"This wasn't really part of the plan, but since this track is out there we wanted to let you hear it here first, or maybe second. Enjoy."

(See the album cover and hear the track after the jump.)

[jump] So, just to be clear (or not), what was to be the second edition of Hot Sauce Committee is being released as the first and what was supposed to be the first edition will come at a later date -- which is all very "Star Wars". The confusion arose, understandably, when MCA was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 (he's fine now). A single featuring Nas came out around that time.

Listen to "Make Some Noise" and let us know your thoughts in the comments. We think the track's crunchy analog beats and funneled vocals hearken back to Hello Nasty days, and that is definitely a good thing.

Hot Sauce Committee Vo l 2 will be available May 3, 2011.