Bassgasm 8 lineup announced

Bassgasm 8 lineup announced
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster

The eighth installment of Bassgasm and first of two expected in 2013 is sneaking around the corner with its nunhuck glowsticks ready to take names and challenge decibel levels. It seems like just yesterday promoter Woody McBride deafeningly tested out his rave-in-a-club experiment at First Avenue, but we're going on three years now -- to the point artists are even coming back for more. True masochists, those ravers.

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Bassgasm 8 lineup announced
Photo by Nick Patton

Bassgasm 3 veteran Reid Speed returns on Saturday, February 16 to light up the Bassgasm massive with her frenetic set of dubstep and fringe bass music, a sound she graduated to once the shortlived two-step sound wiped itself off the EDM map.

"She is the best dubstep DJ in America and all of the dominating frat boys of the genre try to hold her down," McBride says of Reid. "She owns the #1 most popular USA dubstep record label - Play Me Records - and she was far and away the most talked about DJ of all the previous BG's. It just felt right to have her play with Hype."

Considering Bassgasm's goal to align both with new- and old-school scenes and artists, London's DJ Hype is a natural choice.  You'd be hard pressed to find an elder godfather of the bass-centric music celebrated by this club night.

"He is the Snoop Dogg of drum & bass as well as an incredible turntablist and producer," McBride says. "Like the who's-who of past Bassgasms, I bring legends, and he is arguably the original Jungle Drum & Bass Superstar DJ that all others have followed."

Most hardcore dubstep enthusiasts are college aged now, the genre having tested the patience and eardrums of most of its older early adopters who came from drum and bass roots. DNB has a special reputation on the dance music playground, it's bullying bass and complex beat patterns attracting guerrilla-style MCs, renegade DJ personalities and dank parties for the serious EDM appreciator. Hype was a figurehead for this in the UK scene and beyond, and while the younger dubsteppers are more apt to be familiar with Reid, they could use a little dose of history.

Reid and Hype are backed by a hand-selected cast of local and national DJs McBride feels are worthy to showcase,  including wild-child DJ Fei Fei, who famously received death threats last March for playing dubstep in Los Angeles.  German acid producer Man At Arms will appease the techno lovers, and a special guest to be announced will round out the lineup. As with most Bassgasms of yesteryear, Too Much Love favorite Soviet Panda is poised for party rocking, as is Minneapolis most O.G. drum and bass pioneer, DJ Easyrider.  (I should also take a second to note I'll be playing a house set as Bunnymob with my fiance Ian, who is one half of electro duo The Sexbotz).

McBride again hopes to pack First Avenue with people of all ages who are excited about dance music, noting that "people tend to get bombarded by what's popular" in EDM and it all starts to sound homogeneous. He assures "the opposite of this trend will be true at BG8."

Brave dancefloor burners take heed, plan a cool outfit, get your posse together, and as the flyer directs: get ready for "peace, love, unity and raging!"


Bassgasm 8 lineup announced

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