Bassgasm 8 announces two special guests

One of the oldest DJ photos of Woody McBride I could find
One of the oldest DJ photos of Woody McBride I could find
Photo by Flash B

Dance music is nostalgic, from its disco beginnings all the way to the present when old school patrons talk about "back in the day." Raves occurred in old, decrepit shipping warehouses, and even arriving was an adventure thanks to decoy map points put in place by paranoid party promoters to filter out the cops. Cute raver chicks wore more than underwear and glitter to express themselves  -- rocking tiny-wasted pants with humungous leg openings, grayed with rave filth from hours of dancing. And the music was rough around the edges; it was new and rebellious. 

So when an old raver says "those were the days," they really mean it, though many would frown at the idea that they've reached an age to warrant such a cliche. They might still go out and dance at Too Much Love or attend a techno show at the Bolt Underground or even brave a dubstep gig at the Skyway -- but things are not the same. And really, they shouldn't be.

But that's where Woody McBride's Bassgasm events come into play.

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Old-school trance superstar Sandra Collins
Old-school trance superstar Sandra Collins

Now on his 8th round of throwing Bassgasm parties, McBride -- known to the global dance community as DJ ESP -- is upping the ante with a few late-announced headliners that again promotes respect for veteran DJs.
The first of two is progressive diva Sandra Collins, whose popularity snowballed in the late '90s and early '00s with her many mix CDs on big trance labels. Often called the female Oakenfold, Sandra is a notorious party girl who will be fun to watch back in action. (Fun fact: The last time I remember her playing in Minneapolis was at The Quest -- now Epic -- and she and I went shopping at then-raver-den Lava Lounge beforehand and spent her fee on clubwear).

Next up on the surprise announcement list is Minneapolis's own DJ Spree, aka Craig Paulnock, who will be playing probably the most fringe set of the night, and outside of DJ retirement no less. Craig's story is one of worldwide happy hardcore lore, filled with neon "candy kid" fans and more beats per minute than beads per wrist, (a feat to be sure).

Gimme Noise caught up Spree this week to find out what he's looking forward to about DJing at Bassgasm 8.

Minneapolis hardcore. DJ Spree.
Minneapolis hardcore. DJ Spree.
Photo by Ryan Pfeiffer

What did you think when Woody called and asked you to be the special guest?

Bassgasm shows are legendary and there's nothing else like them around here. Initially I was flattered and honored just to be asked. Then I became really excited about having the chance to play again. I've been hunting for the very best brand new UK Hardcore to play alongside some timeless anthems. I can't wait!

Why did you retire and do you consider this coming out of retirement?

The main reason is that my hearing started to deteriorate. If there's a demand, I might play out once in a while, but I'm not planning anything beyond that. The good news is that there are a lot of really great hardcore DJs such as the HDMN ( folks locally, and others such as DJ Maromi ( in AZ. Maromi's been a great help as I prepare for BG 8.

What have you been listening to lately?

I've been listening to uplifting UK Hardcore just about non-stop since I got off the phone with Woody. Haze has been releasing great tracks lately, in addition to Al Storm, Recon, Squad-e, Joey Riot, Alex Prospect, Breeze, Hixxy and Klubfiller. My goal is to have a new anthems mix available for download just prior to the show. Stay tuned to my site ( for release updates and to download any of my classic sets.

What about BG8 has you most excited?

I'm really looking forward to the great BG vibe. Two years ago, I was lucky enough to play at the first BG, and it was one of my all-time favorite shows. I think the energy continues to build with each event. They're truly special.


Bassgasm 8 announces two special guests

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