Bassgasm 7 lineup announced

Bassgasm 7 lineup announced
Photo by Ed Neaton

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Bassgasm at First Avenue is the closest legal alternative to a legitimate rave. For two years and across six mega events, international techno man of mystery Woody McBride has taken his three decades of experience promoting and playing parties and infused them into the club that first hosted him as a DJ.

This September, the seventh incarnation of Bassgasm again loosely follows the idea of merging both the new and veteran artists within the electronic music genre. This time, McBride brings it back to millennial house and breaks with headliners DJ Dan and DJ Icey.

ESP Woody McBride
ESP Woody McBride

"I go after DJs that that stood the test of time and are still rocking the crowd after all these years," McBride tells Gimme Noise. "Headliners come and go but original party rockers are forever. DJ Dan and DJ Icey really know how to work it."

McBride's event is motivated by recreating the carefree and all-inclusive vibe of the rave days and offering a sizeable lineup of both local and national talent. And if you think the part about merging super-new and vintage artists is lip service, think again. McBride has a vested interest in the local club scene as a nightlife spelunker of sorts, and internationally he remains a touring DJ on the club circuit. 

"I'm all about learning from past and shaping the future, and I'm an old school raver first," McBride says with a slight tongue-in-cheek weirdness that's unique to him. "A party isn't a party unless everyone is getting crazy. You shake the dust off, kill the false self and start fresh the next morning."

A recent explorer of the dubstep underbelly, McBride will take on a cerebral set of the stuff, which he much prefers to the more mainstream bro-step flavor popular at festivals and frats. In that same vein, ECHOSPACE and RUN DMT round out the headlining slots with their psychedelic, dubby sound.

And, anyone awake and into EDM during the last ten years is at least somewhat familiar with headliners Icey and DJ Dan, both atop a shortlist of DJs with packed discographies throughout the last few decades. Both sold albums back when people still bought them and did quite well in the compilations category -- for your reference we recommend Icey's "The Funky Breaks" and Dan's "In Stereo".

"I love coming to Minneapolis," Dan said over the phone, fresh off a Canadian festival. "I love the crowd there. They definitely have a better gauge on good music than what I've seen in some of the crowds in LA and different parts of California. People have a higher awareness for good techno and good house."  

And speaking of good techno, the sleeper hit of BG7 is sure to be local vet Paul Birken, whose live sets use just about every machine he can find and always slide into that sweet spot between authentically unique and danceable.  They're legendary with the grown-folks set so it will be interesting to see how the newer generations react.    

Gear up, kids! Your fated day of neon, earplugs (do it) and reckless abandon is nigh.



Bassgasm 7 lineup announced

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