Bassgasm 6 lineup announced

Woody McBride DJing at Bassgasm 5
Woody McBride DJing at Bassgasm 5
Photo by Dave Eckblad

Like an unstoppable comet fueled by glowstick fluid, Bassgasm 6 is sprinting through time and will be here soon on March 23. Since the inaugural event in February 2010, this is the sixth installment of the rave-in-a-club evening at First Avenue, and our own Midwest techno legend ESP Woody McBride is at the helm.

As we have the last five parties, City Pages is sponsoring the giant neon gala and we're happy to announce the lineup now. Once again it merges electronic artists from varied points of dance music history, but this time gives a bigger nod to those who McBride thinks are making waves today.

Anyone old enough to have gone to parties in 2000 remembers Detroit Grand Pubahs, or at least the song that made the two weirdos behind the moniker club-famous. "Sandwiches" was the peak-time dance hit that took rather minimal house music and married it with ghetto tech and lyrics that would sound a lot more sleazy had it not been sung in a miniature voice: "You can be the bun / And I can be the burger, girl / Out here on the dancefloor / We can make sandwiches..."

Rounding out the nostalgia factor is a collective of house DJs that, once upon a time, were the most influential in the local house scene. For a decent stretch of the '90s and '00s, the Minneapolis Soul Music Collective ran 'tings upstairs at First Avenue with Beatopia and injected feel-good vibes to all within earshot of the 'tables.  We can't recall the last time Dave Drone, Monte Hilleman, Bryan Gerrard and Alex Jarvis all played together at a gig, so this one will be particularly special -- especially when you add  Jezus Juice to the mix.  Young ravers won't recall this, but before Soviet Panda commanded things on Saturdays with Too Much Love, Juice preceded him with his long-running System 33 dance nights that were always a blast.

And now to the new(er) school. Dubstep gets its floor play with DJ Minnesota (who is from here but doesn't live here) and TC Dubstep's Profesher Billy Blacklight.

Close kin to the genre, Bass music is represented with Tipper, who McBride champions as a pioneer and a guy who aided in building one of the largest car stereos ever (two cars acted as the right and left speaker respectively).  All things considered, the dude is sure to blow away the dancefloor.

And, listed in one long jumble of aliases is the heart of the Minnesota dance scene. Look closely, grab your glasses if you need.  Aaron Bliss, Fresko, Lil' Aaron, Jesse Jacob, Brace, Werk, Nate Vox, Lady Sparx, Matt Veloce... they're all there and then some. We bet sets from this list will make up some of the party's best moments, reminding us why we have one of the best scenes in the country. 

Here's where we remind you to stock up on earplugs and stay tuned to Gimme Noise, as we'll have interviews, possible announcements of line-up additions, and a major ticket giveaway closer to the show date.

Slideshow: Bassgasm 5 Raver Faces
Slideshow: Bassgasm 5 at First Avenue


Bassgasm 6 lineup announced

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