Bassgasm 3 lineup announced

The time has come yet again

The time has come yet again

Sound the airhorns. Another installment of Bassgasm is flying at us like a fervently flung supersized glowstick set to explode on February 18, completing a trifecta of DJ ESP Woody McBride's old-school club events at First Avenue. Once again a host of electronic music heavyweights from different points in EDM's history will step up to the decks to unite the scene's young and old with what else but wicked basslines.  And this will go on for nine full hours, or until the speakers retire themselves. Whichever comes first.


Older ravers will remember (or maybe not) UK's acid techno O.G. Chris Liberator, whose name we hadn't heard since the late 90s before this booking, so seeing him will be like a "Where Are They Now" TV episode (only much, much louder). Brighton's modern breakbeat bigwig Krafty Kuts will also make a headlining appearance, inciting all the breakdancers in the house. And ready to shake Minneapolis out of its ice coma are two of mid-milennial dance music's best - Jen Lasher and Reid Speed. Lasher dabbles in electro and blog house with her own live vocals sitting like the cherry on top, while Speed is best known as a former princess of 2step who has since graduated to futurebass and dubstep.

Interestingly, the wildcard of the lineup is the man who ESP has fronting the bill, New York's Crazy Larry. If we go by his MySpace page, his sound seems to point to slick minimal EDM influence ala Metro Area, along with some smoky Detroit techno flavor to keep things gritty. It's just the stuff that will sound especially crispy on the Wall Of Bass soundsystem.

Local highlights are sure to include ESP's own set, DJ Werk's probable booty-bass blast from the past, Freaky Deaky's funkadelic performance, and Soviet Panda expanding the playlist to take on a more diverse crowd outside of his Too Much Love regulars.

"It's going to be a killer show," Lasher tells us from the road. "I can't wait to bring my set into a club normally known for its indie shows and turn it upside down with the rest of these headliners. Plus, Minneapolis crowds are great dancers and are always up for it. See you guys soon!"

Jen Lasher

Jen Lasher

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