Bassgasm 10 full lineup & schedule revealed



Are you ready for Bassgasm 10 and the Wall of Bass? I mean, really ready? Just in case you weren't convinced that today's impending takeover of First Avenue doesn't have something unique to offer everyone, Gimme Noise spoke with Bassgasm founder 'DJ ESP' Woody McBride and Russia's own deep house representative Izhevski about the deep mix vibe that Izhevski will bring to the Entry.

Also, so you have a chance to map out your journey through eight hours of face-melting bass brought to you from around the globe, we will share the official lineup for each room of First Avenue.

Izhevski is a pioneer of the deep house genre. He founded one of the most influential deep house radio stations ever, Deep Mix Moscow, which has provided 24 hours of sexy, soothing electronic music for years with just a select handful of DJs. His style is eccentrically his own, combining elements of deep house and tech house with a softer brand of intelligent dubstep. "Izhevski is evidence of the cultural embargo we see in the USA against the art and culture of Eastern Europe," says McBride. "He is like the equivalent of Derrick Carter there."

Izhevski is armed with an impressive vinyl collection of over 3,000 records. "My favorite album in the collection is The Timewriter's Diary of a Lonely Sailor," he says. Aside from spinning records, he has also been recording tracks with another Moscow producer, Gorje Hewek. "Everything inspires me," he says. "Family, friends, journeys, nature and of course the music." He is currently a resident at the infamous Moscow club, Propaganda.

Deep House is slowly making its way to the US, and to Minneapolis in particular. Recently, McBride teamed with locals Casey Borchert and Aaron Brooks to start a Deep Mix night at Honey. "The genre is very wide with soul on one end and techno on the other end so we like to talk about what we do here as Deep Mix, which is a blend of all that with a lean towards the laid back, meditative, dub, spacey, trippy vibe," says McBride. "Jeez," he exclaims, "why don't I just call it Trip House?" It is hard to pin down. The sound offered by the Deep Mix Minneapolis crew has also been influenced greatly by the infamous HardWax Berlin sound.

The deep mix vibes will be perfect to get lost in when taking a break from other harder genres being showcased tomorrow, such as hardstyle. Below is the line-up for each room this evening, in order of last to first:

The Funth Dimension

2:00 DJ Esp Woody McBride closing songs
1:30 DJ Easyrider With MCs Brace & Hyde
12:30 TWRK
12:25 My Magical Moment of Mystery
11:00 Lady Faith
10:45 So You Think You Kahn Dance - Dance Class
9:45 James Patrick Plays featuring Chuck Love, Chris Cunningham, Jon Davis, Graham O'Brien & John Keston
8:45 Espada of Wants Vs Needs
8:00 Ameezy
7:30 Centrific
7:00 Brody Jones
6:30 Dirty Dub
6:00 Victor 1200

A House Made Completely of Air Area

12:30 Izhevski
12:00 Casey Borchert
10:00 HotDish
10:00 Derek Fer Real & Aubrey Lee
9:00 Aaron Lee
8:30 Aaron Brooks
8:00 Chrystal Mann
7:30 Teddy Mac
7:00 Muse
6:00 Astrovic

The Holographic Granola Pizza Area
Hosted by MoonJuice playing one song toasts in between DJs

1:00 Mr Rogers
11:30 Digtal Rust
10:30 Tan & Poplar
10:00 Toffler
9:00 Fresko
8:00 BRCK & Jordash
7:00 Guy Jean
6:00 Econ

Record Room 

Presented by SYSTEM, Intellephunk, Energy Radio and HDMN
12:00 Tommy Four Seven 
11:30 K-Drive 
11:00 Johnny Foreplay
10:00 Rype & Squiggles
9:00 Bunny Mob G House Set
8:30 Will Smoke
7:45 Uptempo
7:00 Captain Plundar
6:00 Ghost Channels

Upstairs Mainroom Lounge
The What's Clickin' Good Lickin'? Area
presented by Cooking W Styles & U of M EDM Club

1:00 Lil' Aaron
12:00 Shannon Blowtorch
11:00 Mike Moilenan
10:00 Peter Styles
9:00 Soulful Tryst
8:15 Dani Young
7:30 Windsor & Whales
6:45 Paul Chang
6:00 Portron

Tonight is Bassgasm 10, which is taking over all of First Avenue. Party starts at 6 PM, $20 advance/$25 door, 18+

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