Basilica Block Party performers Hunting Club offer statement on recent controversy


The Basilica Block Party has been at the center of an online debate over gay rights this month, as protestors are urging a boycott of the two-day music festival because of the Catholic Archdiocese's strong stance against gay marriage.

Nearly 15,000 people have RSVP'd to the Facebook event "Say NO to the Basilica Block Party," which urges would-be concert attendees to not "contribute money to a Catholic Church fundraiser while they are spending millions of dollars to write discrimination into the MN constitution."

Though it's unclear what kind of an effect this online campaign will have on attendance at this year's block party, which takes place July 8 and 9, Minneapolis band Hunting Club is stepping forward to suggest that boycotting the event all together might not be the most effective way to speak out against the church.

"To those who think the only way to protest the event (or any event for that matter) is by being absent, we urge you to reconsider your position," the band says in a statement posted to their own Facebook page. "While it's true that a majority of the proceeds will go to the Catholic Church, the small monetary scratch that even the combined dollars of those protesting would have pales in comparison to the difference one can make by actively and positively voicing their opinions and views to those who might not otherwise be exposed. Hunting Club supports gay rights and would rather be at the site of issue than away."

Hunting Club is one of the Twin Cities bands selected to play the smaller stage on Saturday, July 9, and are one of several local acts on this year's lineup, which also includes the Jayhawks, Stuart D'Rozario, the Pines, and White Light Riot alongside national headliners Ray LaMontagne and David Gray.