Banner Pilot: Collapser

Collapser is Banner Pilot's third release in four years, and the first for punk stalwart Fat Wreck Chords. The band owes much of their sound to late-'90s pop punk, but they add a lyrical maturity that is lacking in the genre overall. The band compiles 12 songs, all between two and three minutes long and with catchy, layered melodies and bouncy, three-chord guitars instead of relying on shock value, snottiness, or manic speed. There's no rock 'n' roll reinvention, but Banner Pilot blend their influences subtly and they don't sound like a Ramones retread.

Their first release for the bigger label, Collapser, brings a noticeably poppier approach than its predecessor, Resignation Day, but the band's sound remains easily identifiable and relatively unchanged. Up-front vocals and defining harmonies carry many of the songs, and there's a notable similarity to Dillinger Four's Civil War that may alienate those who found that release too poppy.

The general tone is one of post-collegiate disgust at being tied down by the full-time work week, dramatized by singer Nick Johnson's tales of late nights at Uptown bars, stumbling home and losing his way. Collapser isn't a record to play before you go out; it's a record to play when you get home from the bar, frustrated that you've just wasted your time and money but still have to get up early and punch the clock.

BANNER PILOT will play a CD-release show with the Framed, Amen & the Hell Yeahs, and the Dirty Hits on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, at the 7th ST. ENTRY; 612.332.1775

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