Banksy to Louvre: You just got served

Graffiti aritst/political and cultural satirist Banksy is famous for painting little black rats and phrases like "boring" and "it's not a race" across buildings and billboards in Europe. Over the last few weeks, Banksy has been taking his street art into major galleries, like the Louvre in Paris and New York's MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. His work isn't being accepted into the galleries by the curators; Instead, Banksy is  gluing on a fake beard, walking in during normal business hours, and sticking his altered landscape paintings on the gallery walls using only a bit of adhesive tape.

If you're a local artist, you could always go the same route as Banksy to get your work noticed. But you'd probably get thrown in the slammer for the cause, and everyone would know that you made a fake beard using stray back hair. Instead, you could sumbit your work for consideration in this summer's Visible Fringe (deadline April 11), or send in a proposal for a hands-on art-making activity (deadline April 1) to the Walker Art Center's Education and Community Programs Department. If you're at a loss for ideas, maybe you could have a group of kids create a better disguise than a back-hair beard. 

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