Bane brings a straight edge to the Triple Rock tonight


We'll say this for Bane, a Boston-area straight-edge act coming through the Triple Rock tonight--they have a pretty damn good musical pedigree. Frontman Aaron Dalbeck cut his teeth in the now-globetrotting hardcore act Converge before starting Bane as a side project.

For those who were introduced to Converge on last year's Mastodon tour, don't expect the same kind of metal noodliness punctuating Bane's punk tropes. Dalbeck hasn't been with Converge since 2001, and has reverted back to by-the-book punk postures. It's not to say the music isn't good. But there'll be a lot more gang shout-alongs and picking-up-of-the-change moshing before the Triple Rock stage tonight.

Bane performing in 2006, as filmed by thisisatakeover.

Perhaps we're biased when it comes to straight-edge life. After all, what are a gang of pale, perspiring basement bloggers to do with their scant free time than drink themselves silly?

It's not the clean living that can sometimes prove objectionable about straight edge. It's the pushiness, the bossiness, the outright violence that can be directed towards a fella enjoying a beer on a barstool.

Luckily, Bane has never come right out and named themselves as straight edge. And their drummer, and Bob Mahoney is anything but.

But Bane's lyrics make a few things fairly evident. "Just like this X on the back of my hand, I'm not going nowhere?" That's from the life-affirming anthem "Count Me Out." All we're saying is that you might want to use the back parking lot for your smoke breaks tonight, and don't count on picking up that cute girl in the Minor Threat denim vest if you're half in the bag.

Also on the bill is Noexist. From their press release: "100% DIY. We do this for ourselves. Excuse our shitty recordings, we aren't stuck up kids from rich families that buy us pro tools."

Don't these guys know about pirating Pro Tools off Limewire? Kids today...

All ages. $10.00. 5:00 P.M. With Foundation. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7699.