Bad meat and country crossovers got me down

Bad meat and country crossovers got me down
Why so glum, Nikki? Well, I'm stuck in bed with food poisoning, and furthermore, look at the terrible news coming out of Nashville this week! Oh, the misery.

Dave Matthews goes country.

Ahem. A reimagining of Don Williams' "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good":

Lord, I hope this song won't be a summer hit,
I'm feeling sad enough over Darius Rucker's crossover bit.
I should be thankful Lord I know I shouldn't throw a fit,
But, Lord, I hope this song won't be a summer hit.

When I hear the sound of Darius Rucker's voice on his summer hit "Alright," which hit number one on the Billboard Hot Country charts this week, it takes me right back to the summer after eighth grade, my hometown radio station playing Hootie & the Blowfish in near constant rotation. You know what else they played a lot of that summer? Dave Matthews Band. Listening to K102 last week I had a little flashback to Darius and Dave side-by-side once again when the station previewed Kenny Chesney's new single, "I'm Alive," featuring Dave Matthews. The single will hit the nation's airwaves August 17th, and Chesney will perform the song on his August 14th Good Morning America performance.

Brooks & Done.

Oh, Brooks & Dunn, you make my 11-year-old heart ache. The summer of 1992 I saw you at the Brown County Fair, you touring in support of your first album, Brand New Man

This was my favorite song off the album...

Brooks & Dunn - My Next Broken Heart (Official Music Video) - The most popular videos are here

though some may remember you better for this one...

Brooks & Dunn - Boot Scootin' Boogie (Official Music Video) - These bloopers are hilarious

Me wearing my brand new, wire-rim glasses, a square-cut to emphasize my awkward, angular pre-pubescent face. I hadn't yet grown into my nose, as you can see here:

Nikki, posing with her mother's Suburban
Nikki, posing with her mother's Suburban

Mom took me to see you, Diamond Rio, Pirates of the Mississippi, and was it Suzy Bogguss or Pam Tillis that summer, but you were the highlight. I practiced line-dancing to "Boot Scootin' Boogie" 'til my feet bled (or rather, 'til I couldn't handle my friends--who preferred dancing to C+C Music Factory--making fun of my musical tastes any longer). I still have that pick you threw into the audience, Kix Brooks, hidden away in a jewelry box at my folks' place.

Anyway, I look older now...

Nikki, posing at the rodeo
Nikki, posing at the rodeo

...while y'all look mysteriously... younger?

Bad meat and country crossovers got me down
Courtesy of

Accusations of plastic surgery aside, I'm gonna come right out and say y'all have left me broken-hearted with your recent announcement that after 20 years of making music as a duo, you're calling it quits. From the announcement:

To Our Fans:

After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have
agreed as a duo that it's time to call it a day. This ride has been
everything and more than we could ever have dreamed.... We owe it all
to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don't believe them, it's just

We will release our #1's and then some" on September 8th and bid
you farewell one last time in 2010, with The Last Rodeo Tour...(dates to be

Brooks & Dunn

Oh Brooks & Dunn, you picked me up, you shot me down, you're steppin' out all over town, drove me back to drinkin' in this bar. I found myself a brand new friend, I'm headed down that road again. Workin' on my next broken heart.

In short, I don't plan to ever be broken-hearted over Darius Rucker or Dave Matthews breaking up with country music, but I am going back to the Brown County Fair this month to see this feller, Luke Bryan. He just may take your place in my heart. Damn you, Brooks & Dunn. Damn you.

Live Music/Dead Meat 2.

News of breakups and country crossovers may have me down, as does the food poisoning which has beset me since I ate some venison last night from a November '06 hunt (bad idea, folks), but this weekend I'm putting aside country music and expired meat for a moment to present to you Live Music/Dead Meat 2, the second of Stuffed Pheasant's series of outdoors-related music and food shows. We'll be at the Nomad World Pub on Saturday 8/15, 9:00, $6 cover, the evening featuring music from The Guystorm, Old James, 10w40 and Communist Daughter. We'll also feature a catfish tasting prepared by Johnny Solomon of Communist Daughter (and of Prescott, WI's Boxcar Restaurant), as well as our usual fare of gamey summer sausage. Nothing like summer sausage to pull me out of this slump! Plus we'll be giving away fishing-related giveaways all night.

Bad meat and country crossovers got me down

Hope to see you there, and I promise not to bend your ear about Darius Rucker or cry to you over Brooks & Dunn unless you specifically request it. This offer expires as soon as I've drunk three whiskeys.

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