Back to the City video podcast: Warehouse Eyes re-release 2 records and prepare for 2 shows

Jennie Lawless and Christopher Gale of Warehouse Eyes.

Jennie Lawless and Christopher Gale of Warehouse Eyes. YouTube

Warehouse Eyes will play their first Minneapolis show in over a year on July 5, at Dreamspook's record release show at the Triple Rock, while frontwoman Jennie Lawless performs with her full band at Icehouse tomorrow. And today Warehouse Eyes are not only re-releasing their debut record, Carvings, but songwriter Christopher Gale, presently working on a new studio album with Brett Bullion, also re-releases his OSO solo record, Goodhue.

Jennie and Chris recently dropped by the Back to the City duplex to share their present plans and discuss every song in the Warehouse Eyes and OSO catalogs. In addition to ruminating on love and the human condition through the prism of songs like "Without You and Me" and "Tokyo," Chris and Jennie share stories of the genesis and development of Warehouse Eyes, then treat us to a unique impromptu performance of part of a new Jennie Lawless song, "Alone," debuting here and to be performed tomorrow at Icehouse.

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