Back to the City video podcast: The Florists bloom on their new EP, 'No Costume'

The Florists

The Florists YouTube

The Florists dropped by the Back to the City duplex for a long-form conversation about their new EP No Costume, just before they recorded a new video, parts of which they'll debut at this Friday’s release show at the Triple Rock Social Club.

After ruminating on the process behind their EP artwork (inspired by the German artist Gerhard Richter), the irreducibility of trans-femininity to an aesthetic, and Alok Vaid-Menon’s reflections on the drive for “trans-visibility,” singer/guitarist Jo Kellen concludes, “Here’s what I think: if you listen to this record and think 'what should I do,' you should come to the show and have fun, and enjoy the bands." The bands are the Miami Dolphins, Fiji-13, IE, and the Florists. Come to the Triple Rock on Friday, have fun, and enjoy them.

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