Back to the City video podcast: Lydia Liza discusses upcoming 'Femme Fatale' event


In this week's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation, Simon Calder reunites with onetime co-host Lydia Liza and also speaks with visual artist Nastassja Frampton.

Both of these guests will join Ayvah, Good Luck Finding Iris, DJ Keezy and 12 other femme-identifying visual artists at the Cedar Cultural Center's "Femme Fatale" event next Saturday, April 22. Prompted by Frampton's statement of purpose – "to pay tribute to the old and to manifest my ideal new" – we trace the idea of the "femme fatale" from the Sirens through Edie Sedgwick. We consider how next week's event will rework that trope, similar to how Lydia and Josiah Lemanski reinvented the Christmas classic "Baby it's Cold Outside" as a song about consent. And we revisit "Bring Me Some Easy," a song about being "a woman sculpted out of empathy," that Lydia debuted on "Back to the City" last year.

Editor's note: City Pages is proud to be hosting writer Simon Calder's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation podcast on a bi-weekly basis. The podcast is recorded and edited independently, and the views expressed by Calder and his guests are their own.