Back to the City video podcast: Kristoff Krane discusses his new album, 'Kairos - Part 1'

Kristoff Krane

Kristoff Krane Photo credit: Back to the City, including album artwork by Bill Phelps

To celebrate today’s release of the new Kristoff Krane album Kairos - Part 1 and begin the countdown to Saturday's release show at CO Exhibitions in Minneapolis with Kill the Vultures, Back to the City is proud to present a series of five video interviews with Kristoff Krane and producer Graham O'Brien.

In this first of five daily videos, we revisit a harrowing experience that Krane had involving a BB gun and a finch when he was five years old. Krane explains how his memory of that episode was reactivated when in the summer of 2013 he was conversely involved in saving the life of another bird. We listen to and analyze the song "Headstone," which references both of those experiences, and we reconsider the significance of the initial shooting incident given Krane's awareness of the etymological root of the Ancient Greek term "kairos" in the art of archery. As the other four videos will reveal, many of the major themes of Kairos are encapsulated in "Headstone" and in our reflections on Krane's killing and healing of the finches.

Every day this week, a new video will be added to this playlist and posted to the Back to the City Facebook page at 8 a.m.

  • Wednesday, July 12: Krane and O'Brien discuss the concept "kairos."
  • Thursday, July 13: Krane and O'Brien consider some connections between Kairos, Kill the Vultures' Carnellian and Sadistik's Altars.
  • Friday, July 14: Krane and O'Brien discuss the production of Kairos.
  • Saturday, July 15 (record release night): Krane and O'Brien discuss questioning faith and the quest for meaning in Kairos.

Editor's note: City Pages is proud to be hosting writer Simon Calder's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation podcast on a bi-weekly basis. The podcast is recorded and edited independently, and the views expressed by Calder and his guests are their own.