Back to the City video podcast: Har Mar Superstar gets set for another great summer

Har Mar Superstar. Photo by Eric Hess.

Har Mar Superstar. Photo by Eric Hess.

Har Mar Superstar visited the Back to the City duplex for an extended conversation about his summer plans.

In addition to completing an EP with producers BJ Burton and Lazerbeak at Justin Vernon's April Base studio, Sean Tillman (aka Har Mar) is working on a theatrical production with Karen O and performing at Hazelfest with headliner (and onetime Har Mar Superstar backing vocalist) Lizzo.

Host Simon Calder and Har Mar play "The Morning After," a game where the singer strives to recall which of his "Nocturnal Emotions" podcast guests said what. Then Har Mar discusses the hamsters and haircuts from his childhood and shares the stories behind songs such as "Cut Me Up" (feat. Karen O), "It Was Only Dancing (Sex)," and "Two Of The Same Name."

Watch for parts 2 and 3, featuring more discussion of Hazelfest, Har Mar's next EP, and Sean's transition from Amphatemine Reptile-signed hardcore band Calvin Krime to Sean Na Na and Har Mar Superstar coming to this playlist soon.

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