Back to the City video podcast: Har-Di-Har’s ‘We Will, Will You’ is a testament to intimacy achieved


Har-Di-Har YouTube

Since 2012, wife-and-husband art-pop duo Har-Di-Har have explored the intricacies and vulnerability of modern intimate relationships through their music.

Julie and Andrew Thoreen joined Back to the City for a series of long-form conversations about a period during which both the band and marriage almost ended and their subsequent creation of an album about being "Endless/ Fearless/ Wed." They also discuss their debut full-length We Will, Will You (released this Friday) and their unique 10-piece live performance at Icehouse on Friday, October 6.

In our first conversation, Julie and Andrew share their thoughts on the tension that comes of maintaining a relationship in a world in which commitment and intimacy are neither taught nor trendy. After revisiting and dissecting a live video performance of 2015’s “We Scare Each Other” in which the couple collaboratively play the same Yamaha Hipgig Sr. Al Foster drum kit, Andrew and Julie preview and discuss some clips from their forthcoming music video for “The Wonder,” created in collaboration with dance troupe Kelvin Wailey and visual artist Shannon Brunette. The new video testifies to the experience of patiently “hiding beside” a “sliding” lover, using oblique movement and exploring the body’s physicality in ways that mirror the concerns of Har-di-Har’s new record as a whole.

Watch out for the release of “The Wonder” and further conversations with the Thoreens in the run-up to their Icehouse show, as well as for the addition Thursday of a second full interview with P.O.S to Back to the City’s Doomtree interviews playlist.

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