Back to the City video podcast: Fathom Lane and Beasthead discuss their new albums

Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane.

Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane. Photo by George Roedler.

In this special episode of Back to the City, Michael Ferrier guides us through the album Asilomar, which his band Fathom Lane releases tonight at the Turf Club, in a series of conversations interspersed with band-led discussion of each track on the new Beasthead EP, I Owe You For This.

As Ferrier explains, Asilomar is the name of the California beach where he was inspired to form Fathom Lane. "It also means asylum by the sea,” he says, “and the double meaning of the word asylum can mean a good thing -- a safe space -- but it can also be a place where the crazy people go.” Our discussion of Asilomar leads to rumination on relationships that have survived ordeals and on what happens after the rush of excitement we feel upon first meeting someone special.

On to Beasthead. As band member Doug Deitchler tells us, I Owe You For This was written while the band made connections in “the seedy underbelly” of Minneapolis' music scene. Now lyricist Harry Reynolds reflects on the connections that they have made, some of which exceed and some of which fall short of expectations established by those first, fast, 5 a.m. interactions.

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