Back to the City video podcast: Dessa discusses her upcoming performance with the Minnesota Orchestra


Self-taught, self-made, and self-styled, Dessa recently chatted over afternoon tea with Back to the City’s Simon Calder about her two full orchestral performances at Minnesota Orchestra Hall next month, as well as her full catalog, her poetry and prose, and Thomas Hobbes.

What impact did Dessa’s brother Maxwell have on her music? How did conductor Sarah Hicks' fishnet tights affect Dessa's current collaboration with the Minnesota Orchestra? Is there any special significance to the Doomtree cohort’s general interest in birds? To Dessa’s particular interest in kites? To the fact that both of Dessa’s 2014 releases share an acronym not only with each other but also with a certain someone else? The answers to all these questions comes courtesy of Dessa and Grant Meachum (Director of "Live at the Minnesota Orchestra") in the first full video interview created exclusively for City Pages by “Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation.”

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Editor's note: City Pages is proud to be hosting writer Simon Calder's Back to the City: MPLS Music Conversation podcast on a bi-weekly basis. The podcast is recorded and edited independently, and the views expressed by Calder and his guests are their own.